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New Vision Business Advisors

New Vision Business Advisors works with business owners looking to sell their business. Focusing on main street businesses with up to $2 million in annual revenue is Oleg Denishenko’s specialty. Many of his clients are ready to retire; have health issues or partnership changes; or, are undergoing life changes, such as divorce or relocation.

What Is Involved In Selling a Business?

Oleg understands that clients selling their businesses often begin the process with two challenges: They may have mixed feelings about turning their company over to an impersonal buyer, after so many years of dedication and hard work, and they can feel overwhelmed by what is involved in selling a business. He keeps these touchpoints in mind during the process.

Business Model

Oleg begins the collaboration with his clients by explaining everything about the selling process, and this step helps his clients trust his expertise. Oleg’s business model is based on a high degree of confidentiality and a duty is to protect his client, because he recognizes that such a transaction can be risky. Having these conversations at the beginning stages of the process and upholding his own standards to look out for his clients’ best interests are his trademark attributes.

Why a Third-Party Valuation Is Critical

One of the first things Oleg advises his clients to do, is to have their business valuated. “Each party has a totally different view of the business’ worth. This is why a third-party valuation is critical,” he emphasizes. The numbers in the unbiased report give the seller a realistic basis of what their business is actually worth. Walking clients through what the numbers mean helps set realistic expectation.

Determining How Serious a Client Is About Selling Their Business

After looking at what a business valuation indicates, a seller might need to spend some time growing the business a bit more. Making that recommendation can reveal how serious a client is about selling the business. “We are human beings and that is totally different from a computer or a machine. A computer is very precise and built to only factor in a set of givens—the numbers. In contrast, we have emotions that factor into our decision-making,” Oleg points out. Continuing an honest discussion, especially up front, makes the process transparent and minimizes hesitancy.

Terms & Conditions

The terms of the sale are another touchpoint Oleg is on the lookout for, which isn’t always about the selling price. Ultimately, his goal is to make sure that the deal is negotiated fairly, so his client can move forward financially and emotionally.