Preparing to Exit

Preparing For an Exit or Transition

When is the best time to sell? NVBA CFO’s Always Ready to Sell service helps you answer this question and get the most for your business whenever you decide to sell. If you are considering selling your business in the next year or ten years, take some time now to talk with us and ensure your exit will meet your financial goals.


Always Ready To Sell

NVBA CFO – Exit Planning, Preparing Your Business to Sell, Consulting

NVBA CFO ensures you are Always Ready To Sell using our three step approach:
Step 1: Assess

NVBA CFO’s Certified Merger and Acquisition Professional™ works with you to assess the value of your company from the buyer’s point of view. More importantly, we will identify the areas of the business that positively and adversely impact its value.  

Step 2: Prioritize

Next, we prioritize the areas to focus on for improvement. Much like when selling your house, do you fix the roof? Or upgrade the kitchen? The answer depends on how a buyer values these improvements. We will provide you this information and prioritize the areas of your business to focus on.

Step 3: Optimize

We work with you and your team to optimize the areas that have the greatest impact. Throughout the process, we revisit your company’s value and evaluate how each improvement is helping your reach your goals.

Working With Us


Our approach begins with building a relationship with you and your team.  We then assess the key areas of your business, implement the solutions needed to meet your goals and optimize the processes around the solution.


We believe in long term relationships that begin with our first meeting.  We don’t have a ‘Sales CFO’ to start the relationship and other associates to work on your project. When you first meet us to learn about NVBA CFO, you can trust that relationship will continue.


Our Build to Sell approach means we focus on the key areas that impact the long-term value of your company.  We understand and have tools to assess these key areas and how they impact the long-term value of your company.