Meet Oleg

Meet Oleg

Oleg Denishenko

Oleg Denishenko offers a supportive approach to working with business owners who are serious about selling their business. With a clear understanding of the intricacies involved in selling a business, paired with his skill at reassuring his clients throughout the process, he quickly gains the trust of his clients. His background at Tashkent State University in Tashkent, Uzbekistan, made up of global courses of study, forms of the basis of his ability and understanding to successfully transact the sale of a business.

Oleg possesses first-hand knowledge of what is involved in selling a business owner’s company in the American commercial market. He understands the challenges of opening a business, and sustaining and growing it into a successful, revenue-generating enterprise. Drawing on his own experience as a business owner, he knows how to work with people facing those same concerns, understanding that it is often more than just about selling off an asset for the best price. For many, it is about selling their largest asset—the asset that they built, developed, nurtured, and protected for many years. Bringing this personal understanding and empathy sets him apart from other advisors in his field, and this adds value to completing a deal clients feel confident about.

“Selling a business is more than just an academic exercise,” Oleg states. “I have had the same experience selling a business, so I have a full understanding of its complexities. There’s value in a business that someone has spent years building up. It’s unnecessary for a business owner to close their doors when a good sale can be transacted. When a business owner is ready to sell their business and evolve in their personal lives, it’s a positive outcome.”

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